Before you get involved with the Targeted Community, know that doing so makes you that much more susceptible to ploys used to undermine you're attitude and resources.

An example?

Some clever dick thought it would be cute to put in a "related" newsgroup entitled alt.mindcontrol.kids-help-kids.

This is tantamount to smoking next to an explosives storage room.

The purpose of this group is stated in the article below.

But be warned, before reading this article, let me state that the parallels between these types of programs and the current style or trend in government harassment are too similar to be ignored. I would even go as far as saying that if I were a member of a government security agency, these programs is where I would go to obtain the personnel necessary to execute this type of operation.

Again, I offer a warning - This stuff is poison. Read at your own peril.

FROM: Wesley Fager (wesfager@aol.com), originator of this newsgroup

Alt.mindcontrol.kids-help-kids is a USENET newsgroup which discusses issues with certain types of juvenile behavioral modification programs which utilize other juveniles further along in their own recovery to aid in the treatment of newcomers. Kids are treated for alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, and other behavioral or disciplinary problems. Many of these programs are controversial and there have been allegations of abuse in some. This type of juvenile therapeutic community is perhaps best exemplified in the 1980s and early 1990s by Straight, Inc., a Saint Petersburg, Florida-based, non-profit corporation. Operating 12 treatment facilities, from time-to-time, between 1976 and 1993, Straight, Inc. was the biggest juvenile treatment facility of its kind during its reign. Straight, Inc., the treatment arm of Straight, went out of business in 1993, but Straight Foundation, Inc., continues to exist under the name Drug Free America Foundation as a drug policy advocacy group. Today many programs continue to operate using Straight's therapeutic methods.

This forum was principally designed to discuss issues with Straight and Straight-like programs, but issues dealing with juvenile specialty schools, juvenile boarding schools, juvenile boot camps, off-shore speciality schools, other juvenile therapeutic communities, etc. are also on topic.

Straight used no medical doctors in its therapeutic approach to rehabilitation–rather it relied on kids-helping-kids in marathon synanon-type screaming sessions where kids yelled at one another 12 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week. There were allegations of brainwashing, of making kids sit in their own urine and feces, of beatings and broken bones, of sexual abuses, of food and sleep deprivation, of forced sexual group discussions, of siblings visiting a brother or sister, only to forced into Straight themselves. Perhaps as many as 20-35,0000 kids were treated at Straight. George Bush made a TV commercial for Straight and appointed Straight's co-founders to US ambassadorships. Nancy Regan visited several Straight camps around the country. White House Drug Czar and founding director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dr. Robert DuPont, was a paid Straight consultant and former Drug Czar Donald Ian Macdonald was once Straight's National Research Director.

THE STRAIGHT THERAPEUTIC METHOD. Straight is a "though love" 5 phase program where kids gradually earn more and more privileges and after 12 - 24 months are integrated back into society. Oldcomers who are further along in their treatment are used as role models to help newcomer kids in their treatment. GROUP, the total group of kids, are used as a body to effect changes in newcomers by verbal confrontations. By day, clients sit upright in straight- back chairs in a large room and attend raps all day long. In the evening kids stay at a host home (foster home), not their own, until they earn the privilege to return home. Clients have no communication with the outside world until they earn the privilege. Treatment facilities are typically in warehouses or industrial parks. Squaking or talking behind backs (speaking about a person not present) is forbidden. Kids are often encouraged to write statements revealing their innermost thoughts. Parents attend special training sessions and a quarterly off-site seminar called Parents Weekend. In-town parents are required to attend Monday and Friday night meetings. At Friday's Open Meeting, parents and siblings sit across from clients and address clients through a microphone. Kids are led around by their belt loops and motivate (wildly gyrate their bodies) when desiring to speak. Straight uses 12 steps and also Albert Ellis' Rational Emotive Therapy (RET).

This the Straight therapeutic method. It does not mean abusive, though there were allegations of abuse in all Straight facilities. Straight-like programs employ many of Straight's therapeutic techniques, though this does not imply that they are abusive, though there have been allegations of abuse in some Straight-like programs.

HAS STRAIGHT REALLY CLOSED? Since 1970 there have been, or continue to exist, over 40 Straight-like treatment facilities (though not necessarily abusive) in America and in Canada. Many people thought that Straight just sort of faded away in the early 1990s due to a plethora of civil suits and state criminal investigations--but did it? Straight-Sarasota closed in 1983 amidst a state criminal investigation. Straight-Cincinnati closed in 1987 on the opening day of court proceedings against it. Straights in Southern California and Virginia Beach closed in 1990 amidst state investigations. Straight-DC closed in 1991 on the eve of its requested court hearing challenging a state decision not to renew its license. Straights in Boston and Dallas closed in 1991 amidst state investigations, as did Straight-Maryland in 1992. Straight Orlando had its license placed on a temporary status in 1991 and closed in 1992 amidst state scrutiny. In April 1993 Straight finally closed its founding center in Saint Petersburg, Florida and transferred its clients to Straight-Atlanta. The last Straight treatment facility, at least under the name Straight, Straight-Atlanta, closed on July 1-2, 1993, but 11 days before it closed, on June 21, 1993, a woman named Kathleen M. Cone incorporated a Straight-like program called Phoenix Institute for Adolescents in Marietta, Georgia just 4 ½ miles from Straight's facility where it operates today. Kathleen Cone had been the registered agent for Straight-Atlanta. Three days before that, on June 18, 1993, a Straight-like program named Pathway Family Center was incorported only 15 miles from the old Straight facility near Detroit. Helen Gowanny, an officer at Pathway, had been the registered agent for Straight-Detroit. In 1992 Straight closed its Orlando treatment facility, but Michael Scaletta, Straight-Orlando's former director, opened the Straight-like program SAFE (now known as ACE) in the same facility where Straight had been. Former Straight officer Dr. George Ross helped found Kids Helping Kids of Hebron, Ky in the early 1980s. Today it is known as Kids Helping Kids of Cincinnati and operates out of the old Straight-Cincinnati facility in Milford, Ohio. Another currently active Straight-like program with tie-ins to a George Ross program is Growing Together in Lake Worth, Florida. When former Straight national clinical director, Dr. V. Miller Newton left Straight in the early 1980s, he set up his own Straight-like chain based in New Jersey called KIDS of Bergen County. There were KIDS' chains in Salt Lake City, El Paso, and Southern California. All have closed. Today Dr. Newton's program is in Secaucus and is called KIDS of North Jersey. When KIDS' Southern California franchise closed Straight moved into the facility. When the KIDS franchise in Salt Lake City closed in 1990, Life Line, currently active, opened in the same location. AARC, currently operating in Calgary, Canada is a spin-off from Newton's KIDS program. Second Chance is a Straight-like program currently operating in Memphis Tennessee.

STRAIGHT AND DRUG POLICY TODAY. The corporate officers of Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. (formerly Straight Foundation, Inc.) as of March 1998 are Mel Sembler, Walter Loebenberg, and Joseph Garcia–all three former Straight officers--Mel Sembler being a Straight co-founder. A recent DFAF flier states that the foundation was founded by Mel Sembler and his wife Betty Sembler. The DFAF is against the legalization of Schedule 1 drugs even for medical use. Betty Sembler also founded Save Our Society from Drugs (SOS) another organization dedicated to preventing the medicalization of Schedule 1 drugs. In January of this year Ms Sembler accompanied Florida's governor Lawton Chiles to a cabinet meeting where she helped convince the cabinet to disapprove a Florida citizen's iniative to medicalize drugs.

Naifeh and Smith's The Best Doctors in America (1994 and 1995) lists Dr. Robert L. DuPont, Jr. and Dr. Mark Gold as among the best addiction treatment specialists in the country. Dr. Robert L. DuPont was a key player for Straight. In the 1970s while director of the national Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and also as the White House Drug Czar, Dr. DuPont's NIDA managed a $1.8 million grant to The Seed--Straight's predecessor--which was accused in a US Senate report of using methods likened to communist brainwashing techniques. After leaving NIDA , Dr. DuPont became a paid consultant for Straight–once boasting that he was the man who suggested that Straight go national. Dr. DuPont represented Straight around the country in many of its civil suits for abusing kids.

Straight is a drug treatment facility that does not use medical doctors in its therapeutic process. Dr. Mark Gold is a world renowned psychiatrist who does use medical professionals in his treatment process. Before I tell you how Dr. Mark Gold fits into the Straight scenario, let me give some background information about him. In the 1980s Dr. Mark Gold, formerly research director for Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, New Jersey [a member of the giant hospital chain NME (National Medical Enterprises, Inc.)] invented the 1-800-COCAINE hot-line. There are allegations that if you called the toll-free number chances are you would be referred to an NME hospital or one of its subsidiary PIA s (Psychiatric Institutes of America) provided you had a good health insurance plan, or you would be referred to the nearest public health facility if you did not. It was the hot line's director Arnold Washton who started the mis-conception that crack cocaine is "instantly addictive" from an interview he gave to Newsweek in the March 17, 1986 issue. Dr. Gold was a consultant to Reagan's drug czar and to drug czar Bennett.

Today Dr. Mark Gold serves on the board of directors of Betty Sembler's (wife of Straight co-founder Mel Sembler) Save Our Society From Drugs. I'll just add that Bill Oliver, Straight's former national executive director, went on to become director for parent training at the national parent's group in Atlanta--PRIDE.

This is your forum to discuss juvenile behavioral modification programs. Whether you're a former client and want to tell your story of how one of these programs saved you, or how it may have harmed you, a parent who wants to comment, a drug policy reformer, a cult watcher, a treatment specialist, a law enforcement official, or a state licensing specialist, this forum is for you.

Oakton Institute for Cultic Studies
email: wesfager@aol.com

originator of alt.mindcontrol.kids-help-kids

Eugene A. Calame eacalame@flash.net
Austin, Texas USA http://www.angelfire.com/tx/calame/

Eerie ain't it.

Now you see why the Black Panthers went bye-bye?

Dissension from within.

Undermine the enemy by turning it against itself.

They will continually bombard you with indications of supposed involvement of those around you.

They will try to undermine your basic reasoning that holds on to the fact that those around you would never be involved in such matters. - How could family members behave in such a fashion?

And here they are giving you irrefutable evidence that not only is it possible, but it happens frequently. It was even a well established social trend.

It may be too much to expect this kind of information not to effect your personal collection of suspicions and conspiracies, but if you allow this suggestion to affect your outward behavior as far as dealing with your relations are concerned, they have achieved their objective.

If you allow these kinds of ploys to sever you from basic survival resources, something many of us now rely on our relatives for, then you've truly surrendered.


Like in any community, when you begin cyber socializing, the wolfs in sheep's clothing will descend upon you. You will hear the most horrific stories imaginable. I suppose this is meant to create a feeling of hopelessness in regards to your own situation. ( It actually never occurred to me to pay much attention to this ploy. It wasn't until this web page was already constructed and I increased my networking activities that I realized someone might get distracted by all the nonsense that's thrown at them.) Since I'm a particularly nasty individual, the thought that this might be a major ploy took awhile to sink in. - So HEADS UP to anyone who might be a little kinder than I am.

One more point.

If you decide to take an activist stance, when (notice I say when, not if) faced with attempts to discourage you by filling your inbox with a bunch of email by obvious "kooks", don't immediately write them off or refuse to give them information. - A good policy to maintain is to consider it practice. Cheerfully execute your homework. --- Of course, if it's keeping you from real work, just delete the little bastards.

For more information refer to Whistleblower's Switchboard or contact whistleblower@angelfire.com